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Open Issues



Closed Issues

These are not all the decisions we made, but the important ones. For a better overview please visit the [LF]

Issue No Name result votes realization notes
[20] Onlinemeeting only every second week Approved 6/1/0 in progres remaining questions: starting when? onlinemeeting only when neccessary?
[18] Wiki vs. blog - 0/0/2 Leena is working on the blog only two people took part. At the online meeting when we discussed the question more people were involved and they voted for blog. Therefore this decision stands.
[17] Contents of LQFB is browsable without logging in approved 6/1/1 Leena sent an Email to ask for the change
[8] Concept of Membership - becoming member with a form approved 2/0/1 nothing happened so far because of the low participation. shall we proceed?
[6] Organisation of the swarm: Two Teams plus project head approved 2/1/1 nothing happened so far because of low participation. shall we proceed?
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