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You can take part in our project:

Visit our events.


Create loads of small activities

please look at activities

Vote on the priorities

We are looking into Liquid Democracy technologies in order to have a serious decision-making approach. We want you to have more than just your say on how the solution that everyone needs should be shaped. If you want an account for our Liquid Feedback send a mail to Leena(at)digitalcourage(dot)de You can just have a look at our decisions without an account at The Liquid Feedback of socialswarm

Mailing lists

In the meantime, the conversation takes place by email and chat.

Keep in touch via the newsletter socialswarm-announce
Help unfold the strategic convergence socialswarm-discussion
Help discuss technical details socialswarm-tech

Social Media

If you're part of the problem,
the !swarmers group on
bounces to @social_swarm on Twitter (Hashtag is #socialswarm)
or even Facebook
and Google+.

Hang out in our chatroom

It's available via the following protocols, for your convenience.

IRC irc://
XMPP xmpp:*
PSYC psyc://

All accesses have autodetection or negotiation of TLS encryption, so just flick it on – no need to use a different port number.

What is to do?

We have to create a letter to recruit supporters.

German version:

List of potential partners:

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