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First draft:

  1. Collect our requirements
    Some brief bullet points for this can be found in this pad.
    1. Functional level: What do we expect, as users, from such a system?
    2. Other levels: Hardware requirements (dedicated? shared computers?), implementation (do we aim for a general framework or is the primary target one implementation which others can link to if they want?)
  2. Nail down the basic security / software architecture
    1. Basic frontend features we have to consider / agree on before going any further:
      • How to access the network? (web / multiple interfaces?)
        • Access a friend's profile / status messages / files by visiting his own host / website or access it from one's own instance?
        • Actual daemon running on a machine or HTTP stuff?
        • Federated / fully distributed?
        • Consider hardware / software requirements for the end user!
      • What sets us apart from Facebook (besides security and reliability)? Ideas (please add):
        • Share any files you want with whom you want (p2p?), including yourself (= your own personal cloud)
        • Full synchronization between devices
    2. Security features
  3. Look for software projects that meet our requirements
  4. Backend development
    1. Depending on the outcome of 2.:
      • Modify the software to fit our demands or
      • Develop it on our own (agree on a protocol first)
    2. Security audit
  5. Frontend development
    1. Collect feature ideas, don't forget usability.
    2. Look for UI designers who make it pretty and useful. :)
    3. Programming…
    4. Extensive beta testing, security audit (again), polishing
  6. (Far future) Develop a campaign to advertise our software
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