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Status quo

Current social web platforms display a strong tendency towards centralization. Behind each of these platforms is a single company acting as a central authority. As we use the platform, we feed the central authority with our data – and what the company then does with our information is beyond our control.

Our vision

We want to put our social networks back in control of their own data. We want You to be able to choose which people see your data. We want to be independent from centralized infrastructures.

How to contribute

We need you to help people get back in control: to discuss strategies, to build the networks, and to co-learn how to safe-guard our data and our social networks.

There are many projects trying to solve these issues. We need to come up with sensible requirements in order to find a solution that we can advance together.

Social Swarm is an open think tank initiated by the German privacy and digital rights NGO Digitalcourage. Join us at socialswarm.net.

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