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Welcome to the social swarm!

Seite auf deutsch

Social Swarm is an open think tank initiated by the German privacy and digital rights organisation (NGO) Digitalcourage.

We want to put the users of social network services back in control of their data.
We want You to be able to choose which people see your data.
We want to be independent from centralized infrastructures.
We want a social swarm.

Who we are and what we do in English, auf deutsch et en fran├žais.

Get Started

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Cultivate this wiki

The roadmap gives an overview of the upcoming tasks at hand for a proper development of the swarm. In case some pages are not linked here, you can consult the index. We also keep an archive of collaborative editors we used at the beginning for historical reference. Finally, some pages may have not been moved to Mediawiki yet. (which?)

Digital Self-Defence

Social Swarm supports the search for other alternatives that don't take away your freedom. For more information (in German) check out the page Selbstverteidigung

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